Not so serious raiding
with all the stress of hardcore raiding


Absolute peak stress level, premature balding guaranteed

Explore all the aspects that SEASON OF DISCOVERY has to offer with an experienced core and leadership. <TRASH> is an Alliance OR HORDE? guild that will provide you with a unstable and disorganized environment where we take wiping seriously while still progressing sometimes. By holding our recruits to an imaginary high standard we aim to provide our members with the ultimate WoW experience.

We won’t be racing for server firsts or practising raids on the PTR as we are dogshite. What we want are smooth raids where people come prepared and have a good time but that aint happening. Through efficiency and stability we aim to keep our costs down as we all have better things to do than to farm gold just to waste it on pointless wipes but god are we shit at aiming.
In <TRASH> we like to have fun

If you wish to know more about us, please take a look at our
<TRASH> Rulebook


Anyone motivated, reliable and serious. You are the nerd of nerds.



Wednesday & Sunday
20:00 - 00:00 GMT +1



Unorganized & unprofessional

We have been here before and we know how it is done. With an experienced core, <TRASH> understands the importance of preparation and communication. We offer you a smooth and enjoyable raiding experience where we take raiding seriously but ourselves not quite as much.

WoW Should not be fun

We believe that raiding in WoW should be fun and not feel like work but we know how that goes. <TRASH> is that second family you get together with once or twice a week just to suffer!

It's not OK to have a life

<TRASH> was created to bridge the gap between casual and hardcore. All the stress without the skill. You are entirely free to dictate how much time you are willing to invest outside of raiding as long as you do not become a burden to the guild like the rest of us.

Instatability is our forte

<TRASH> has wrapped up two complete vanilla runs, one on Light's Hope and one on Vanilla Classic where we raided Naxxramas continiously until we finished our second Atiesh. Following that we have completed the entirety of TBC Classic, finishing off Sun Well Plateau with a first week clear. <TRASH> is a closely knit family that doesn't randomly disappear like so many other guilds. Once we dedicate ourselves to something we make sure we crash and burn before the good content is released.

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